In 2016 Hauge Aqua were restructed in order to better focus the operation of each individual business area. The new strategy were that Hauge Aqua was to become a holding company focusing on developing new business areas. When a new area are mature enogh to enter into a more formal development and commercialization process the area will be spun of into a seaparate subsidary. 

Hauge Aqua Solutions AS (HAS) were founded on January 16th 2016, The purpose of HAS are twofold, first it is the company within the Hauge Aqua group that will be responsible for the development and managing of all new technology related projects in general, and secondly - and currently most important - HAS is the tool for developing our new closed containment farming technology - Egget ®

Business model for HAS

We are at an early stage for Egget® and we are yet to benefit from the necessary concept verification. It might therefore seem seem premature to discuss business models for the future of Egget ®. What we present here are only ment to illustrate some of the potential models that have been discussed so far.

  1. Traditional contracting and sale of eggs. Technical service agreements and maintenance.
  2. Egg rental on 15-year contracts. Technical service and maintenance agreements.
  3. Renting of operating time in the units including technical service and maintenance.
  4. Offering more extended services related to the operation of Egget ®

It is also possible that we may conclude on some form of combination of two or more of these models, or even models not mentioned here.

Based on the many inquiries we receive we also see a huge potential market for Egget ® outside the traditional Salmon farming industry.

Management of HAS

Due to the importance of the operation in HAS it has been decided that the company will be managed by a separate board of directors. The board consists of the following individuals:

  • Anders Torvill Bjorvand (Chairman)
  • Cato Lyngøy
  • Tanja Elisabeth Knabenschuh Hoel
  • Einar Vaage
  • Mons Ove Hauge
  • Magne Bjørkhaug
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