Business objective

Hauge Aqua was established in 2012 by Cato Lyngøy, Audun A. Dahl and Arthur Lyngøy. In 2014 new partners invested in the company, Arne Sylta, Magne Bjørkhaug and Runar Lyngøy. They are all co-founders of the company.

Hauge Aqua objective is to start, own, develop and operate business within aquaculture, develop new technology, offer counselling, nationally and internationally. The business is to be operated economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.



Hauge Aqua builds on resources, ideas, and knowledge from the creation. Through this the company wishes to glorify the Creator by showing good stewardship over these gifts. The goal is to use them in a fashion so that we may develop, manufacture and trade, wholesome, safe and competitive products.


Hauge Aqua emphasises innovation as a decisive tool to safeguard our business in the short and long term. Minimum 10 per cent of our value generation shall always be used for research and development. This is to strengthen the business foundation in the company.

Work Environment

Hauge Aqua emphasises good, safe and dynamic jobs. The company highly supports and builds on the individual right to a job and inclusive employment.  The company practices a respectful, honourable and ethical working culture in which personal improvement and development are stimulated. Through this the aim is that the worker is given belief in own abilities and is enabled to materialise his/hers God-given potential. Hauge Aqua wishes to provide opportunity for employees to impact their own future by personal efforts.

Societal and Environmental responsibility

Hauge Aqua shall demonstrate open communication with local societies where we do business.

This because we perceive support from the local society as crucial for investing and also for long-term value creation.

We shall not drain, permanently harm or abate natural resources, or biodiversity in and around locations where we do our business.


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