The vision for the "Fish for Hope" initiative

En tekst om visjonen til Fish For Hope inn her - litt om bakgrunn, hva vi ønsker osv.

"Creating skills for jobs"

Hauge Aqua became a partner in a development project under the program, - Creating skills for jobs with Caritas Norway and Caritas Uganda. It's a five-year project in the North Uganda where we will train 860 young entrepreneurs on how to farm fish. This gives us the opportunity to hire qualified personnel and at the same time learn a lot about the local conditions without any substantial financial risk.


So far the results of the project are:

  • Soon 200 of 860 completed vocational education in aquaculture entrepreneurship
  • The graduates are qualified to start their own business or get a job in farming
  • Feed mill and hatchery for training purposes will be established in 2019
  • 46 have dug their own ponds

Dr. Ronald Semyalo are our representative in Uganda reagarding this project.


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