Aquaculture represents an immense potential as future source of food protein.

Although 70 per cent of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, fish (including shellfish) only represent 6.5 per cent of all protein for human consumption whereas aquaculture represents around 2 per cent. Landed volumes from traditional fishery cannot fill the UN ambition of increasing seafood as source of human protein consumption. Aquaculture can, - if done sustainable. Prediction of aquacultured food are ambitious going forward and is predicted to double by 2040. Aquaculture food has a very low carbon foot print compared to most other types of meat, and hence, converting from land-based meat production to seafood consitute an important step in the green shift. 

Fish is usually low in saturated fats, carbohydrates and cholesterols and provides not only high value proteins but also a wide range of essential micronutrients, including various vitamins, minerals, and poly-unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids. Thus, even in small quantities, provision of fish can be effective in addressing food and nutritional security among the poor and vulnerable populations around the globe.

While Norway is recognised for its industrial scale salmon farming, other countries with blue pastures are focusing on developing their local species. In the forecasted aquaculture mobilisation and global growth envisaged to come during this century, Hauge Aqua’s ambition is to provide relevant, robust and environmental friendly technology. All rooted in and lessons learned from the Norwegian industry. 

Hauge Aqua business strategy

Hauge Aqua has two legs in its business strategy:  Innovative new technology and fish farming. We believe it is of vital importance for us to know our own technology and innovate through insight and understanding. 

All of Hauge Aqua development activities are financed by equity and co-funding from grants among which Innovation Norway is a trusted partner. 

The technology has its base in Norway where the merging of traditional fish farming expertise with maritime and subsea engineering and automation has been key. Industrial design and animation expertise is also used in the development of the technology, making it esthetically pleasing. The people behind Hauge Aqua has been very excited to see how this cross-competency mix is generating innovative solutions. Read more about the partners under Human capital – Partners.


Hauge Aqua is looking for medium and long-term equity and partners that share our vision, values for business. Investors who also bring complementary competency are much appreciated.

For the East-African business, we will establish a separate business unit. We believe Africa is truly a coming continent and has enormous opportunities within aquaculture. We will revert with more information in due time.

Investor contact:

CEO Cato Lyngøy, Cell phone: +47 930 11 330, email: cato.lyngoy@haugeaqua.c0m

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