In Africa, Hauge Aqua sees great opportunities in farming freshwater fish tilapia. Transfer of expertise, technology and Finance from Norway will give hope and transform the lives of thousands
human beings.

Tilapia farming is a major industry in Asia and Central America, but not in Africa where tilapia as a species originally comes from. Through technology and expertise we want to produce efficiently and sustainable so that more people can access nutritious and healthy fish as part of their everyday menu.

Since its inception, Hauge Aqua has also been involved in East Africa. In October 2013, one was entered into MoU1 with Burundian authorities to develop aquaculture sector in the country based on tilapia production. This agreement ran for five years and could be renewed thereafter. After a close consideration we decided not to renew the agreement when it expired in 2018.The main reason for this was that Burundi has been politically troubled since April 2015. The country is now considered a one-party state. Hauge Aqua does not exclude the possibiilty that we might later rekindle the engagement in Burundi, but currently we are pursuing other opportunities.

Through a total of around 20 journeys we have achieved one good understanding of the region's opportunities within aquaculture, risk and market. We've worked up one significant network with contact and resource persons which can be drawn on by a specific effort.

The following countries have been visited: Burundi, Rwanda,eastern DRC, Uganda and Tanzania, further it is built set up a good network of resources
expertise on tilapia in Norway that we can draw on a venture in East Africa.

Currently our commercial engagement in Africa are focused on Rwanda, and more specifically Lake Kivu. 

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