Our Haugian heritage

The company name is inspired by Hans Nielsen Hauge who lived in Norway more than 200 years ago.

Hans Nielsen Hauge (1771 -1824) is a truly influential man. His business leadership ideas are built on fellowship, interaction, care and equality.

Hans Nielsen Hauge was deeply touched and changed by the experience of God’s presence in a very special way whilst ploughing the field at their farm. From this he got a deep desire to help his fellow Norwegians. Norway was very poor at this time, production was low, many people were ill, and social misery was abundant. Hauge travelled the country, shared and inspired people to social and spiritual liberation. He encouraged people to start businesses using their resources and skills to create jobs.

According to Hauge, profit should be a means to a higher end and business operations should follow the principles of servant leadership. A business should positively influence local society as well as the living conditions for those who were part of the fellowship.

Apart from travelling the country, he also wrote many books that became printed and re-printed many years after his death. Hauge’s fellow believers got the name “Haugians”.

Hauge’s entrepreneurial skills and leadership have made remarkable footprints in the Norwegian history. Even today, several businesses can trace their history back to Hans Nielsen Hauge. Many more recognise the values and the ethical principles.

You may read more about Hans Nielsen Hauge at www.haugeinstitute.org.

Hauge School of Management offers a bachelor degree based on the managerial principles of Hans Nielsen Hauge. For more info (in Norwegian), see https://www.nla.no/nyheter---containerside/2019/desember/hauge-school-of-management/

The Holy Bible, Colossians 3, 23-24, inspires us to work diligently as for the Lord:

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.

The Hauge vision

Hauge Aqua is a company in the Hauge vision, inspired by the same creative Lord who met Hans Nielsen Hauge while plowing the fields one spring day.

The Hauge vision is much more than Hauge Aqua. In a business and faith community we have gradually become more companies that are driven by the same desire - business with a higher purpose, in Norway as well as in Africa. Hauge Business Network is an association founded to represent and develop Hauge's vision. The purpose is to bring about community-building activities inspired by Jesus' care for the poor and Hans Nielsen Hauges beliefs and activities, including

  • Developing societies and values ​​through forward-looking entrepreneurship, innovation and investment
  • replacing corruption, greed, laziness and selfishness with openness, generosity and a working community
  • inspire and equip people to realize their full God-given potential

The Hauge vision is based on the Word of the Bible in Isaiah 61: 1-4 and Matthew 28: 18-20

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