In June 2013 The government of Norway announced a new round of green salmon farming licenses. The licences were devided into three different groups named A, B and C. Group C consisted of 10 permits, so-called "Dark green" with the strictest requirements in regards to sealice management and reducing risk of escapes. This group was also open for new-comers. Hauge Aqua AS applied for one licence in group C but the company did not succeed in the first allocation in 2014. However, since the initial receiver of one of the ten concesions returned its licence, The Ministry of Industry and Fishery decided to re-assign it based on 2013 terms and conditions. In August 2017 it was announced that the tenth licence was granted Hauge Aqua.

The board of Hauge Aqua decided to establish a separate subsidiary, Hauge Aqua Farming AS (HAF), for its farming activities. HAF was founded 23rd of October 2018. The purpose of HAF are to be the tool for developing the "Green permit" and possibly also be the first leg of a commercial farming company based in Norway. The company is also a vehicle to establish "proof of concept" for Egget ® in farming of Atlantic Salmon. HAF has its base in Vestnes, Romsdal. 

The company has filed three applications for salmon farming sites in Romsdalsfjorden. One of these is granted. The other two are still in process. Obtaining farming sites in Norway is a convoluted process and may even take years. Meanwhile, HAF has entered into an operational agreement with a local farming company in order to put the licence at work. 


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