In June 2013 the government of Norway announced the possibility to apply for so called "Green" permits to farm Salmon. The permits were devided into three different groups named A, B and C. The the C group consisting of 10 permits, were quickly were given the nickname "Dark green" due to its extended demands regarding sealice and treatment of this problem. Hauge Aqua AS was among the companies that applied for a permit in group C, but when the first round of assignment were presented in 2014 the company did not receive a permit. However since the initial receiver of one of the ten licenses did not pay the licence fee in due time, it was during the autumn of 2015 clear that the Ministry of fisheries would reassign this permit to the best application that didn't receive a permit in the first round. In August 2017 it was announced that the tenth permid were given to Hauge Aqua.

Since the board of Hauge Aqua in 2016 had decided on an operating strategy for the Hauge Aqua Group where each separate business area were placed in a separate subsidary Hauge Aqua Farming AS (HAF) were founded 23rd of October 2018. The purpose of HAF are to be the tool for developing the "Green permit" and possibly also be the first leg of a commercial farming company based in Norway. The company are also intended to be a "proof of concept" company for the use of Egget ® in farming of Salmon.

Currently the company are actively working on putting the permit into production and to start producing fish for the market.


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